Saturday 17 March 2012

What I have been watching recently:

Having not seen any films recently that I hadn't already viewed numerous time I decided I would post some reviews for films I have recently seen, although they are not necessarily the most recent films.  As expected as these are films I have watched numerous times I am rather positive regarding them.

Bright Star:
Bright Star is a slow paced love story which features several strong performances which were unfairly snubbed at the Oscars in 2009.  Most notable is Paul Schneider as Mr Brown and Abbie Cornish in the role of Fanny Brawne.  Fans of John Keats and poetry in general will likely enjoy the film more than those with no interest in such things, however even those who can’t stand poetry will still see a beautifully shot, emotionally engaging and satisfying film that few recent films (especially period drams) have been able to compare favourably to.  Highly recommended.

As one of the many legions of Cameron fans who waited for Avatar with baited breath it is fair to say my opinion is biased.  However it is just as impressive that I, and countless others who had been waiting years for Avatar where in no way disappointed with the film as it easily surpassed the expectations that had been in development for years.  Most obviously Avatar is a beautiful film to watch, both the world and the cinematography being absolutely stunning to look at.  The story more importantly is extremely well told with excellent acting.  Some may complain about the simple story told, but I personally have no qualms about a simple story, what matters to me is how well it is told and the emotional attachment that is created, and Avatar excels in both areas.  Hence Avatar comes with my highest recommendation.

Crazy Heart:
Crazy Heart is a film about a once famous washed up and alcoholic country singer.  Whilst Crazy Heart in many ways follows a predictable path, it none the less is a joy to watch.  This is no doubt helped by several strong performance, including the Oscar winning role of Jake Blake which may be Jeff Bridges’ best role thus far.  Sadly Crazy Heart feels as if it only half ends (no doubt a result of the director having filmed and wanted to including an extended end to the film, but not being allowed).  It none the less is an emotionally strong film despite its flawed ending.  Highly recommended.

-  Gabi

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